Plan Your Personal Finance Workshop

Design a fully-customized Femonysta Money Fiesta with your own group of women. The workshop topics and duration can be designed to suit your requirements. 

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Let's get on a call!

Plan a Customized Workshop for your Group

We’ll talk about the topics you want to be covered in your personal finance workshop and come up with a description and outline that matches your expectations and your group’s needs. We’ll provide you with sample materials and content to approve well in advance of the workshop. 

No matter who your audience is (college students, millennials, moms, etc.), we’ll make your workshop relevant to their situations.  

You reserve a meeting place and get your group there, and we’ll handle the rest!

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My passion lies in building financial confidence in women so they can experience the personal freedom and professional growth that comes with it. When i put together a workshop for your group, I take it personal. I want to make sure i’m including the most relevant, useful information and delivering it to them in an easy-to-understand, personable way. 

I’m not only educating my audience on what they need to know, i’m motivating them to change their lives for good.


I bring energy and passion to each workshop so that my audience leaves understanding the importance of financial confidence, knowing exactly what they can do to live a financially healthy life, and wanting to make the changes necessary to get there.