Money Management Starter Kit

Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Were you born knowing how to manage money?

  • Did you learn money management skills from your parents or friends?

  • Did you learn money skills while in school or college?

If you’re like most Indians, your answer is "no" to all three questions. And yet, when we start earning, we are suddenly expected to manage our finances responsibly.

Isn’t it absurd that we need a driving class before we get a driving license, but don’t need money management training before we start our first job. Instead, we are expected to intuitively know how to handle a credit card, a monthly budget and plan for our future.

The Money Management Starter Kit is designed to form the foundation for the rest of your personal finance journey.

This 4-hour webinar promises to make money management simple, in an interactive, engaging and non-judgmental way. The course includes practical training including assignments, with easy-to-use calculators and templates.


What does the course include?


  • Start from your why - Setting Financial Goals

  • Budgeting effectively

  • Building your personal financial statements (Income & Net worth statement)

  • Designing savings -to – goal plan

  • Financial foundation concepts – Emergency funds, Life & Health Insurance


Who is this course suited for?

This is a FOUNDATION course for anyone who wants to start building wealth –

  • Young women who have just started earning

  • Working women who want to manage their own finances

  • Women who have recently taken charge of their family finances


How will the sessions be conducted?

This workshop is a webinar-based training designed over 2 days with 2 hours on each day.


What is the course fee?

The total course fee is Rs. 799 per person.

Since seats are limited, registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.