Financial Workshop for your employees

Money is the No 1 source of stress for employees.

Employee satisfaction is a crucial element of business success. In addition to a good business culture and satisfaction with work colleagues money plays an important role in employee satisfaction.


Help your employees make the most of their salary,

and offer them an opportunity to finally be able to answer their questions on a neutral basis about their individual investments.


Enable your employees and provide them with training that they would not receive with a different employer.

Show through this investment in your employees, that you as an employer care what is important to them.

Financial Workshops FAQs

What amount should be budgeted for Women Who Invest financial workshop?

The cost of the workshop depends on the length of the workshop chosen. All workshops are for a maximum of 20 participants including Online Tools & Documents, plus usual travel expenses for the speakers. We can offer workshop for a higher number of participants on request.

Are there shorter workshops format to start?

Depending on the topic and level of knowledge of the participants, one or even two training days usually have the most effective impact, since they also offer the most scope for individual focus areas. Nonetheless, it is clear that it often takes a bit of convincing that this topic is worth the time that is invested by the organisation. That is why we also offer intensive half-day or even 2-hour formats. We would be happy to work with you to find a solution that fits your organisation and goals.

Our male colleagues could use the knowledge from the workshops too...are they allowed to participate?

We would be happy to create an agenda that includes an offer for both your male and female employees. The workshops for women are “women only” with a good reason and with a clear conscience – mansplaining and only subtle gender issues can be comfortably excluded. This gives your employees the freedom they need to approach the topic, which is still sensitive to many.

Are the workshops also offered online?

Yes, workshops can also be conducted online.