Meet Neha Singh

Founder of Femoneysta, your personal finance coach!

Neha has over 14 years of experience across wealth management, strategy consulting and category management. She has been a wealth manager as well as a consumer and thus, understands the industry from both perspectives.


A graduate from SRCC & MBA- Finance from S.P.Jain Global School of Management, as well as a Certified mutual fund advisor .

She is an empanelled expert with Her Money Talks and writes for several personal finance platforms.

What life choices would you make if you didn’t have to worry about your bank balance?  How could you make your money to work for you? 


These were the questions I was asking myself as a young college student. A commerce student from Shri Ram College of Commerce, I would like to attribute these thoughts to my educational background, but when I spoke to my peers about this stuff, I fast realized most cared about earning, not so much about what to do with it. 


I also learnt that ‘money’ was something women hardly spoke about, at home or outside. In those formative years of my life, I learnt my first and perhaps my life’s most important lesson: financial independence was the at the heart of true freedom and it shouldn’t be restricted to one gender.


My years in the banking sector only reiterated this belief, when I met women who earned an income but had their husbands manage it for them. Even as I moved up the ladder, it was not unusual to find many women in my office who would say things like:


I don’t understand this tax stuff, or

I’ll just ask my father/husband/male friend to decide where to invest, or

I just end up spending everything


Here was a brilliant tribe of women, working crazy hard, making pots of money and taking complex business decisions confidently, but still plagued by that same old fear, disinterest or mental barrier around money.


I decided to take control - starting with myself. I started studying the right places to invest and watching my portfolio. For the past 3 years, I have been consistently doing my money homework, growing with every little investment here and building my networth ( and self worth).


And now, I’m looking to find my tribe ... starting with you.

"Lack of practical financial management education has lead to an unmet need for women to deal constructively with their financial independence and the protection of their children and families."